Perfect choreography (mooie tekst van Jeff Foster)


The mind can only guess at a future. Be willing to not know, to stumble sometimes, to bow before the unknown.

Stop thinking your way through life, always trying to work it out before living it. Life is to be lived, not analysed to death.

Feel it – feel all the energies that want to be felt, energies that have been waiting so long for your warm attention and embrace. Let all of life move through you, the joy as much as the sorrow, the boredom as much as the bliss.

Let the questions stay awhile, do not try to annihilate them with premature answers. The questions are your intimate friends, the answers are strangers now.

In the warmth of the sun's love, flowers bloom in the perfect moment, and not a moment before. Let the warmth of awareness illuminate those parts of yourself struggling for life.

See the perfect choreography. Now.

- Jeff Foster