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Acro Yoga workshop voor beginners!

AcroYoga is a practice for two: one person (the base) lifts the other (flyer) on his or her hands and feet. The flyer can fully relax and feels as if being weightless. For the base it is an amazing experience as well: it is very grounding and wonderful to be able to give this experience to your flyer! 

AcroYoga came into existence when massage therapists and acrobats met. The outcome could be called yoga-for-two, a massage in the air or acrobatics with a meditative twist. AcroYoga is playful and will definitely challenge you, but has very gentle and loving aspects as well. Always it is about being present in the moment, about trust, communication and accepting your boundaries. But most of all AcroYoga is about connecting with others and having fun!

In this workshop you will learn all the principles of AcroYoga. Through a series of partner exercises you will feel how to connect, relax and be present. You will learn the principles of alignment which make it possible for virtually everybody to carry somebody else, even when you feel you are not very strong or flexible. 

You will quickly find out that poses that look impossible on a picture are very doable, even for beginners. You don’t need experience, or a partner to do AcroYoga. An open mind will do!

The workshop is taught in English by Blair and Josine. 

Sign up for a challenging, relaxing, but most of all FUN morning! No partner or experience needed! Please send us an email if you want to join us (!

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